What is Otley Community Land Trust?

Otley CLT is a group of local people who are working towards community-owned assets in Otley, including a co-housing development.

What is community ownership?

Commnuity ownership means that assets, such as land or buildings, are owned and managed by a group of ordinary people for the benefit of the local community.

Why do we want to do this?

Our aims are to:

  1. Live communally – work together as active members of a caring neighbourhood.
  2. Live sustainably – with a low impact, in houses built thoughtfully and energy efficiently.
  3. Provide affordable homes – high quality and kept genuinely affordable.
  4. Pool resources – we don’t each need a lawnmower.
  5. Share skills – live creatively, sharing ideas and experience.
  6. Set an example – develop, and demonstrate, a different way of living and help other groups to develop similar projects.
  7. Develop our own way – as a community-led response to the lack of high quality, affordable, and environmentally sustainable housing in the town.